Joanne Barriga Quintana
Consultant, Asian Development Bank

There is a wise adage that goes: "The Teacher appears when the student is ready." As I entered the round doors of HarpRoom and met my harp teacher for the first time, I knew I was way beyond ready to be a harp student.

HarpRoom’s experience, knowledge and skills in music and harp are exceptional. Evenmore so, their commitment to share the joy and techniques of the classical harp to Filipinos is admirable.
They patiently teach me how to improve my sight reading of music and introduce me to many useful harp practice methods. I learn counting notes and am slowly getting used to playing with an annoying metronome harping beside me. They put emphasis on proper hand placement, full coordination when playing the harp, and cultivating focus when performing harp music. At my age, all these are quite uphill endeavors for me. But with the guidance and teaching at the HarpRoom, I value every lesson in playing the harp.

Learning the harp at the HarpRoom is God's answered prayer for me.

Leah Zamoras
Theater Artist

Playing the harp has been my most cherished dream, literally and figuratively. So when I found HarpRoom and met my teacher for my first lesson at the RoundDoor, I couldn't help but be so excited!

In my lessons at the HarpRoom, my teacher has been very, very patient with me as a beginner harpist. They adjust according to the needs and learning curve of their students. They’re also experienced in performance, as such you can rely on them with the technicalities and musicality. Moreover, as a person who gets discouraged easily, they have been nothing but encouraging; they taught me that making mistakes are all part of music making.

I'm grateful for my teacher in this journey. Her dedication to teach, to learn, and her vision for better harp learning inspires me to excel in what I do. With her and Harp Room, I'm excited to see what happens next with me and my classmates' harp playing!

Jan  Ylanan
UP Business Administration Fresh Graduate

HarpRoom is able to stand out with their expertise, incredible talent, dedication, and love for the instrument. They push you to do your best, broaden your horizons and expand your comfort zone, all the while showing patience and kindness. They not only teach you technical details, but also the emotions and feelings needed to bring a song to life. My teacher is a great mentor and an inspirational harpist. Without her and HarpRoom, I would not be the instrumentalist I am today. I am incredibly thankful to have them.