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Created in 2003 following requests from harp teachers, the Hermine is an excellent student lever harp. Its small size and light weight make it particularly suitable for younger players. Equipped with Alliance® fluorocarbon strings, it combines the roundness and power of gut strings with the robustness and stability of synthetic strings. Light, easy to handle and of impeccable quality, the Hermine is also very accessible, thanks to its very attractive price. The Hermine is available on low feet or higher legs.

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Height: 122 cm (low feet), 137 cm (high legs)
Weight: 11.5 kg
Range: 34 strings, 1A to 6C · A1 - C34
Stringing: Alliance fluorocarbon (A1 - D26), Galli lever wires
Woods: maple and beech (body), spruce (soundboard)
Finishes: mahogany, cherry wood, walnut, natural maple
Soundboard decorations to order. Low feet / high legs (option)