The Heavenly Instrument

Find out the history of the harp, the innovations over the years, and the artists who carry on playing this most wonderful of instruments.

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It takes, passion, dedication, love, and fun. Whether you're 6 years old or 65, you can learn how to play the harp.

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The Master harp makers. Learn their history and the wonderful, cutting-edge  instruments they bring to life.

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Camac Harps

Learn the harp

It takes passion, dedication, love, and fun.
Whether you're 6 years old or 65,
you can learn how to play the harp.

The First Harp School in the Philippines

HarpRoom is the first harp school in the Philippines focused on giving affordable harp lessons to anyone willing to learn, both young and old.

dedicated to the love and knowledge of the harp

We do this by making the harp more accessible to everyone, holding Harpreciation events, concerts, and partnering with other harp enthusiasts, professionals, and schools in other countries.

for the next generation of harpists

Harpists in the Philippines are literally rarer than diamonds. We hope to build and leave a legacy that spans generations and touches the lives of both the harp player and the ones who hear their heavenly music.

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harp news


can learn.

Find out more about our Beginner’s Harp course.


"HarpRoom’s experience, knowledge and skills in music and harp are exceptional. Evenmore so, their commitment to share the joy and techniques of the classical harp to Filipinos is admirable."

Joanne Barriga Quintana
Consultant, Asian Development Bank
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The harp at Nature’s advent strung
Has never ceased to play;
The song the stars of morning sung
Has never died away.
~ John Greenleaf Whittier

Performance Gallery

The finest harp makers in the world.
Designed and built with passion, precision, and care.
Now available in the Philippines.

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Make harp music a part of your life.
Get in touch with us and  take your first steps!

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