The Heavenly Instrument

Find out the history of the harp, the innovations over the years, and the artists who carry on playing this most wonderful of instruments.

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It takes, passion, dedication, love, and fun. Whether you're 6 years old or 65, you can learn how to play the harp.

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Camac Harps

The Master harp makers. Learn their history and the wonderful, cutting-edge  instruments they bring to life.

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Harp corner offers harp lessons from beginner to advanced. A stable technique, consistent progress and excellent musicality will be the main goals the study. Slots are very limited.


We are the official partner of Camac Harps France, one of the leading Harp manufacturers in the world.


From pure instrumental harp performance to harp and voice(s) or other instrument (s), Harp Corner will cater your special events and gatherings.


Make harp music a part of your life.
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