There is divine beauty in learning…. To learn means to accept  the postulate that life did not begin at my birth. Others have been here  before me, and I walk in their footsteps.

-Elie Wiesel

Teacher's Profile

Jo-Ann Cerdenia started learning the concert Harp under the  tutelage of Lourdes de Leon-Gregorio, the forerunner of the harp playing in  the Philippines.  After finishing her  studies in composition at the UP College of Music, she moved to Germany and  studied harp with Fabiana Trani and pedagogy with Wolfgang Rüdiger at the  Robert Schumann Hochschule in Düsseldorf. While finishing her studies there, she had the opportunity to attend Master Classes with world-renowned harpists Alice Giles, Irina Zing and Olga Shevelevich. She also received harp  methodology instruction from harpists Hye-Young Kim and Susana Feige.

While being a music student, Jo-Ann Cerdenia has always been a very  passionate and dedicated music teacher. She and her pupils work very hard and  culminate their efforts in regular recitals called Joys of Music  (Philippines) and Freude an der Musik (Germany).

Jo-Ann Cerdenia aims to spread the passion for harp playing in the Philippines  by developing harp teachers and bringing up young harpists that could  continue the legacy of her very first harp teacher - Lourdes de Leon  Gregorio. She also works hard to inspire and encourage young people from poor families and difficult circumstances to dream big and work for it. Being one  from a very humble background, she believes that with guidance, diligence and  determination, anyone could be a great harpist.

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