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Odyssey by Camac is a small harp with big ideas. It’s compact, light, and looks and sounds gorgeous. It’s an ideal travel harp, a great choice for beginners, and the gateway to a community united by their love of the harp. In the Odyssey universe, you’ll also find a teach-​yourself book to get started with your harp, a collection of sheet music specially arranged for its 27 strings, and the Odyssey Club - fun and friendly, full of tips and ideas.

Come and join our adventure!

Odyssey top side view

Available Colors

Odyssey Facts
Weight (with levers): 5.9 kg
Woods: maple and beech (body), spruce (soundboard)
Finishes: mahogany, cherry wood, natural maple, black, blue, red, green, pink
Range: 27 strings, 1st octave A (A1) – 5th octave C (C27)
Stringing: Camac Celtic nylon
Options: low base, high legs, levers

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