Harp Music for Alzheimer's Patients

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Hans Cerdenia

One of the wonderful things about the harp is that it calms the  mind. In addition to that, it relaxes the body and soothes the soul. Some say  that it even aids in medicine and healing. There are a growing number of  harpists in the world who focus part or all of their talents in the budding  field of harp therapy.

To us, we've seen how harp music changes and lifts a persons mood and  brings peace to the heart. That is why together with our students, we go and  bring harp music to people with Alzheimers, cancer, and other ailments. This  September, it was the Noli Home for Alzheimers Patients near the AFP Hospital  in V. Luna avenue, Quezon City. We were privileged to play the harp in front  of all their patients and medical staff, with some of the Alzheimers patients  even singing along when their memory is rekindled by a familiar tune. What an  amazing experience!
Aside from bringing wonderful music to people who otherwise would never hear a harp played live, it also trains our students to be braver in  performing in front of a live audience. But more important than that, it  gives them the chance to connect and empathize with people who are sick and  in need. This not only makes them better harpists, but better human beings as  well.

In the Bible, it is mentioned that whenever an evil spirit attacked king  Saul, David would get his harp and play, and the evil spirit would leave. One  would think it was the harp that was used in driving the spirit away. But  nay, the state of the person is of more importance than the instrument; It  was the hands of  David that played the  harp, but it was his heart that was connected to God.  

There is something truly spiritual with this most wondrous of  instruments.

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